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Toastmasters International

Toastmasters is a global non-profit educational organisation that develops public speaking, communication

and leadership skills.

To find out more detail about the organisation click here 

I joined Toastmasters in January 2009 - how did I find out about it?


A friend was talking to me about networking groups in New York city and suggested I go along to an event.

I went to a Conference in November 2008 having no idea what toastmasters was all about.

I took part in workshops and at lunchtime, I joined a group of complete strangers and that is where I met

an amazing guy called Jim Decker who unbeknown to me, would have an incredible impact on my life and my career.

Jim was a member of Talk of the Towers Toastmasters (see photo below) and he invited me along to one of his

club meetings. I joined in January 2009 and the rest, as they say, is history... 

Over the next four years, with Jim as my mentor, I worked my way through the educational curriculum in my spare

time and in June 2015 I reached the highest educational designation and became a Distinguished Toastmaster.


Here are some of my accomplishments as a Distinguished Toastmaster in New York...

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I was very proud to receive my Distinguished Toastmaster award in New York from Jim Decker in June 2015!

2013 - 2014
Distinguished Area Governor
District#46 - New York
Area 62, Division F (East Manhattan)
Speaker of the Year
Talk of the Towers Toastmasters
Glass Trophy

2012 - 2013



Talk of the Towers Toastmasters


President's Distinguished Club -       Perfect 10 Goals achieved




2012 - 2013
Toastmaster of the Year
Talk of the Towers Toastmasters

2010 - 2011


Peter Fiedelberg Award Winner

Talk of the Towers Toastmasters


Club Award for outstanding


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