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Hi, I'm Penny Wood...

I’ve always followed my passions in life and over time public speaking, coaching and leadership development became a natural extension of my personality.

In the early part of my career as a Stage Manager in London’s West End, I developed a strong presence speaking in front of and leading people. The stage became a very natural environment for me. Those skills helped me transition into the business world and the construction industry where I learned how to lead and coach others in highly pressured environments. Communicating effectively in a way that connected with people from many different backgrounds, building trust and credibility by demonstrating strong leadership skills and then coaching others to bring out the best in them to enable them to perform to their highest level was incredibly satisfying - and that’s what gave me the drive to start my own consultancy.

Public Speaking - I know how fear feels when you stand in front of a group of people, your stomach’s churning, you feel sick, your palms start to sweat, you forget what you’re going to say, your slides don’t work, you suddenly become aware of lots of eyes looking at you! It can be really intimidating. I have a packed box of proven tools and techniques to help you deliver a presentation or speech with confidence, communicating a strong, clear message that your audience will understand and remember!

Coaching – I know what it feels like to be made redundant and to make others redundant, to lead challenging teams, serve highly demanding clients and stakeholders in stressful environments. Often it can open up a blind spot in our leadership that we just don't see and those elements hold us back from moving forward. Coaching serves to address that and I know what it takes to dig deep, recognize the gaps and drive through personal change. As a qualified coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management, I’ve coached many individuals either within organisations or privately through 1-1 sessions so I know there are many different issues you may face in your career. I use tried and tested techniques to help you to develop clarity of thought and explore the related issues that are stopping you moving forward, so that you discover and create workable new strategies and actions that will transform your results and achieve the real change you’re looking for – that’s how we transform ourselves and I’m living proof of that!

Leadership Development Training – I deliver programmes globally to organisations who really care about developing their teams and want to empower them to become inspirational leaders. In organisations, regardless of whether you’re in the C-Suite or managing a small team, you can come up against leadership challenges which affect your results. I’ll work with you and your organisation to create and develop a bespoke leadership skill set portfolio, so that you and your organisational leaders can lead effectively with confidence, vision and inspiration.

I’m extremely passionate about developing excellence and mastery in communication on every level. If you want to develop your own mastery whether it’s in public speaking, communication and/or leadership, then let’s collaborate together.

The first step is to get into action and have an open conversation so that we can explore the best way forward for you.

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Professional Qualifications:

Institute of Leadership & Management Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring (masters level)   
Diploma in NLP
Chartered Management Institute's Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership 
Chartered Management Institute's Level 3 Certificate in Management
Learning Curve Group Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 Certificate
Prince2 Foundation Certificate in project management
Diploma in Stage Management - Guildford School of Acting
Distinguished Toastmaster - Toastmasters International
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