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Who I am as a coach?
Having worked in the construction industry for over twenty years helping to deliver some of the most iconic projects from the $2 billion historical renovation of the United Nations HQ in New York, to Cabot Circus, a £500m multi-award winning urban regeneration mixed use centre in Bristol UK, I know what it takes to strive, break through barriers, deliver excellence and achieve exceptional results – it takes courage, confidence, patience, tenacity, drive and determination. I learned all this through failing and falling down, only to pick myself up, create a new plan of action and then push forward. I’ve always supported and inspired those around me through my leadership, so formal coaching was a natural addition to my skill set as I’m passionate about developing leaders. By coaching middle/senior level managers and senior executives leading businesses from a wide variety of sectors with all manner of different challenges, I’ve been a credible and valuable contribution to their success which is incredibly satisfying.
My Vision
My vision is for leaders to deliver world class projects and services that are enjoyed and used by people all around the world. To do this, leaders need laser-sharp focus and clarity of thought to enable them to open their minds, see a broader perspective, deliver new, powerful results and succeed.  I’m the conduit of that journey to success.
My Values
I use all my skills, knowledge and extensive experience to coach executives in the construction industry as well as a broad range of different industries to RISE to the occasion using my core values of Respect, Integrity, Sincerity and Empathy.
  • Respect – I honor you as an individual for your own unique qualities.
  • Integrity – I am a responsible, ethical executive coach who is trusted and valued by those I work with.
  • Sincerity – I coach with humility, I’m genuine, I’ll be honest with you and you will know where you stand with me right from the start of our coaching relationship
  • Empathy – I listen, acknowledge, support and encourage my clients
I believe in an ethical approach to coaching and my core RISE values support me in delivering that to my clients. As a member of the Association for Coaching, I maintain the Code of Ethics and standards of behaviour set out in the Association for Coaching.
My Approach
So how can I help you? As a qualified coach, I use proven tools and techniques to help you work through personal and professional roadblocks and challenges to enable you to shift into a new space of opportunity and action, so that you can lead the life of abundance and success that you crave. This method of working in the ‘future-positive’ space will empower you to take the next steps towards your goals and aspirations to really achieve your dreams.
The coaching process allows you to explore and develop your level of self-awareness. It helps you understand how you show up to the world, what character traits help you thrive and what areas of your personality and behaviour hold you back, so that you are able to discover new possibilities to help unlock your full potential. Successful, inspirational leaders aren’t born, they develop their skills throughout their career and coaching is an intervention that compliments that development to create success.
What does a coaching session look like?
A typical coaching session lasts ninety minutes and can be done via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, MS Teams, by telephone or in person (subject to COVID-19 requirements). Whatever suits you, I’m happy to accommodate your needs.
The session will be in a conversational style format. Typically, I use the GROW model, but I also use a variety of different tools and techniques that relate to your individual requirements. At the end of the session you will have a list of actions to take you forward to your next step.
And finally…
I’ve helped clients to completely transform their lives from being stuck in a role, not being noticed by an organisation’s leaders, to becoming the person who inspires and leads others at a global, senior level. That’s real transformation. They tell me that without the valuable personal insights they gained by going through the coaching process with me, they would definitely not have reached their goals and created a life they really wanted with freedom and ease. I often receive emails thanking me for helping someone transform their life and it’s what I live for. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and have a meaningful life and it is my mission to support and inspire people to achieve their true potential to become the best they can be.
So what’s next?
Do you want an enriching life where you feel valued, trusted and respected by your peers and clients because you are known as an exceptional leader who delivers results, as well as being valued and cherished by your family and friends? If you are truly committed to doing the work and facing your challenges, you CAN have it all – you just need the drive and determination do the work on yourself to create the transformation you strive for. Are you ready? Let’s go! Take the plunge, dive in and re-emerge as the inspirational person you want to be.
Call me on 07910 481372 for a free, no obligation consultation. We can discuss your requirements and then get you on the road to your first coaching session and start your journey of discovery.
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