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Are you ready to re-ignite your leadership and
achieve the success you really deserve

Come and experience my 4-week AIM HIGH! virtual group coaching programme and roadmap to success. I've already helped many middle, senior, executive and C-suite business leaders take their leadership to the next level of success!


AIM HIGH! The high-performance virtual group coaching programme for senior business leaders and executives who are ready to take BOLD action now and achieve next level success!
Re-define your leadership, learn how to unlock your full potential so that you accelerate your results and achieve the success you really want – in just 4 weeks!

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Do you want a proven group coaching and personal development programme that delivers individual success?


Are you hungry for that promotion, but you just can’t see the way to make it happen?

Are you a senior leader who wants a high-performing team, but you’re struggling to master the dynamics of different personalities at work which is stifling your results and success?


Are you a leader who wants higher levels of self-confidence to strengthen your ability to tackle any situation head on, ensuring you deliver superior results?


Are you a senior leader struggling for greater visibility and you need help crafting your personal brand so you can break through the management ranks?


Are you a leader who wants to develop strong communication skills, so you can connect and interact more effectively with others and foster better, stronger relationships at every level of an organisation?

Join me, Penny Wood, Business Leadership Success Coach on my 4-week high-performance virtual group coaching programme, AIM HIGH!


In this “live” virtual group coaching programme, each week I will share my secrets and proven techniques to help you identify what's not working in your leadership and push through barriers that are stopping you from succeeding, so that you achieve your BIG GOALS and deliver next level results and success!

Here’s what you’ll learn in 4 weeks...



Assess what's happening now?

Understand what's not working in your leadership and your life right now!


This session is all about taking a moment to pause, review and reflect. You'll complete a review of your leadership and your life, so that you can understand what's impacting you, what no longer serves you, as well as what's blocking you from moving forward and achieving the results and success you truely deserve. Having clarity on what's NOT working will allow you to move forward.



Map your new future...

Create a clear vision of your exciting new future

Now you know what's not working for you, it's time to discover your true passion, focus on what you REALLY want to acheive with your leadership. What's your vision for your future? What's you BIG goal? You're going to create a brand new future for your leadership?

It's exciting!



Get into BOLD action

It's time to generate new results for next level success


This session is about planning your strategy to deliver on your vision. You'll identify a whole new set of BOLD actions that you can implement immediately to deliver on your goals. This is where the execution of your new future begins. You'll be generating new results that deliver next level success in your leadership. 



Celebrate your success!

Review, acknowlege and celebrate your results and success


In this session you'll get clarity on what's working, understanding why that is and identify what behaviours you've changed to deliver those new results. Acknowledging and celebrating success as you progress and develop is an important part of the journey. You'll also review what hasn't worked and understand why, so that you can make further changes as you continue your personal development and leadership journey - the learning never stops!​

In just 4 weeks, I’ll help you unlock the leadership success you’ve been dreaming about!

Each week on our virtual sessions together, I’ll coach you “live” taking you step-by-step through my proven AIM HIGH! blueprint formula for success


During each session you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss any challenges or roadblocks you're coming up against, as well as share the successful outcomes you’re experiencing during the programme - and you will experience success, believe me!

It’ll be a safe, private space where you can experiment with new ideas and solutions week by week as you progress and challenge yourself to take BOLD action every single day! 


You’ll be able to create opportunities to collaborate and network with others on the programme, share your challenges, share ideas and have that group support to spur you on to success

Are you ready for BOLD action RIGHT NOW?

This programme is only for you if you’re ready to be 100% committed to getting out of your comfort zone, pushing through the barriers that are stopping you from succeeding and getting into BOLD action NOW – because it’s only when you take BOLD action that you drive momentum, get traction on shifting your results so that you propel yourself forwards achieving the next level leadership and success that you really want.

How exciting is that? Your space at the leadership table is there for the taking, you just have to the work to get there!

Are you ready? Then let’s go!

About me...

Let me tell you a little about me...

I’m a Business Leadership Success Coach and creator of the AIM HIGH! high-performance group coaching programme and blueprint for success. I’ve helped dozens of leaders like you from middle, senior, executive and C-Suite level, to achieve personal and professional success.

Through my executive coaching expertise and experience, I know how to ask the right questions that help you challenge and explore your thinking, identify your blind spots, barriers and limited beliefs, so that you can get to the route of what’s stopping you. Once you have a deeper understanding of all the different issues involved, you can create new BOLD actions that create new behaviours, new solutions which generate new results for next level success. 

Coaching is a game-changer for leaders like you.      Let’s work together to help you achieve your leadership goals so that you can achieve that next level success you deserve.

You can do this, I’ve got you!


Let's do it!

Penny Signature.png

Business Leadership Success Coach


I help business leaders take BOLD action that delivers next level success!

What my clients say about the programme?

The programme enabled me to identify specific actions, identify challenges and how to overcome them, and identify allies to help deliver my desired outcomes. I completed the programme with a clear plan and a real feeling of confidence in my ability to succeed in it. Penny's coaching style is based on encouragement, asking targeted questions and enabling people to find their own solutions. She is also an excellent listener.  I would highly recommend Penny's AIM HIGH! coaching programme, she is an excellent confidence booster!


Sophie Nioche

I didn't know what to expect from the programme when I first signed up. I certainly didn't expect to make some of the changes I did as a result of the programme. Penny is great at getting you to unlock your thoughts and create plans and actions to make the next steps. I recommend anyone to take the opportunity and take part in this programme.


Jade Wellesley-Miller

I set myself a challenge to focus on my personal and professional development.
AIM HIGH! was key in enabling me to achieve this. In our busy lives having time each week set aside for self-reflection and goal setting was invaluable, and it was fantastic to network with and draw support from the other leaders on the course. By the last session I got the amazing news that I’d received the promotion at work that I had been working towards for years! I highly recommend this programme, huge thank you Penny!


Stephanie Ubl

Who Is This Programme For?

You’re a leader who wants to leave procrastination behind for good, so you can smash your personal, professional goals and success that you know deep down, you CAN achieve

You’re a leader looking to increase your visibility and executive presence within your organisation, so that when decisions are being made about the next set of leaders, your name is firmly on the table

You’re a committed leader who wants to improve your levels of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and communication, so that you can build more effective, trusted relationships and teams at work and have more success

You’re someone who wants to lead with confidence, composure and courage  - you’re ready to silence your inner critic, get rid of that self-doubt and imposter syndrome that’s holding you back 

You’re a leader who’s establishing your reputation, you’re ready to ask for that pay rise, but you need help to prepare, present and negotiate a pay rise that your boss won’t want to refuse!

You CAN achieve all of this and more with your leadership, but it’s a lot harder to accomplish it on your own. Working with an experienced coach like me side-by-side, will help you to get the clarity and razor-sharp focus that you need, so that you can push forward with confidence, take BOLD action right now and achieve the results and success you truly deserve

What you will receive on the AIM HIGH! 
coaching programme?

You'll work through my AIM HIGH! blueprint model and roadmap for success as part of the programme

Before you start, an Onboarding Call to go through everything in the programme and to give you the opportunity to ask questions and meet your fellow participants

4 x 2-hour “live” group coaching sessions (with replays for your review) – that’s eight hours of coaching and personal development

Specially designed step-by-step Workbooks to accompany each session and guide you through all the coaching exercises

The opportunity to be in the “hot seat” and have your questions answered “live” 

Exclusive access to the AIM HIGH! Facebook Group for networking and sharing ideas along the journey

Exclusive access to the AIM HIGH! Course Portal where you’ll find lots of additional resources and information

Here’s what you’ll learn in 4 weeks...








Session #1


Identify the problem



Assess what’s happening now?

Identify the issues

Session #2


Design your new future


Map your new future

Highlight the goals

Session #3


Implement new solutions


Identify the actions

Generate the solutions

Session #4


Understand what’s changed & why?


Honour your success!

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